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This beauty was found almost 2 feet deep with a Minelab GP3000 in a NV goldfield

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A nice pile of silver coins from a forum member's collection

A very nice Morgan from Rick in So. CA 
This platinum ring was found by Cliff in the weeds near a parking lot! On the inside it is inscribe F. K. to J.S. March 1926. 
Some finds from a several hour with my X-Terra 70 
Celtic coin forun by George from AK on a trip across the pond, the first of it's kind found! Solid gold and a dream come true for any detectorist.

Forum member Don from FL found this very nice Peace Dollar on the beach no less! 

I found this neat old Cub Scout pin in an RV park here in Arizona, just a neat find that brought back memories of ny Cub Scout days.
Vincent made this great find 1814 capped bust dime W/state of america . It is very worn but it is still visable. 
more very nice finds from Vincent 
Thes are some of Aaron's finds and some good stuff for sure  
Some interesting finds from a days hunt sent in by Vincent 

The author of many treasure hunting books turns his perspective to the art of finding valuable coins with a metal detector. This is a good book and belongs in the detector library of rookies and pros H Glenn Carson


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So You Want To Find Coins and Treasure?

Coin/Relic Shooting as well as treasure hunting are a big part of our metal detecting hobby and can also be very rewarding both in finds and the thrill of the hunt and although we still use metal detectors like the nugget shooter the machines are really quite different in their function and incorporate the use of discrimination as well to help ID a target before you even dig. At this site I will offer information explaining these different functions and how they relate to the hunt.

As in other areas of the hobby it is important to remember to stay off private property without permission and to be aware of local and federal laws governing the recovery of coins and relics to avoid problems and fill your holes! We must all work together to maintain a good relationship between property owner and detectorist or we will find it harder and harder to find places to hunt. Would you let someone into your property knowing they will leave open and ugly holes everywhere? Of course not! Resoect others and their property my friends and you will promote the hobby.

Just some of what you can find

Here in my Coin, Relic, and Treasure hunting section I will also attempt to offer advise and information to help you find MORE of what you are looking for be it old coins, civil war relics, or Spanish Treasure. There is also a great place to learn and talk to others in the hobby at my FORUM where you will find a very friendly moderated set of forums covering many aspects of our hobby. What better place to learn and share finds then with a bunch of folks always willing to respond to your questions or view your latest treasure.

I am active in all sections of the metal detecting field and I spend allot of time hunting here in the Southwestern United States. We don't find some of the real old US coins etc here, but still you just never know if that next "good" target will be a gold coin, ring, or some other wonderful treasure lost for who knows how long before you heard that beep that told you to dig. Yup we dig some junk also, but as detectors get better we have to dig less of the undesirable nails and other trash present in the areas we hunt. I also offer some of the best metal detectors available today made by MINELAB which I use myself and although they are not the only good detectors available they are the detectors I prefer for many reasons many of which I will explain at this site.

So spend a little time and have a look around my site and I think you will find much to keep you busy pro or beginner and I hope to see you at the forum!

This page is still under construction and will be updated on a continuous basis as I gather more info and find the time so stop back often to see what is new!

I am very proud to offer all of these great products and services to you to assist you in your search for GOLD. COINS, RELICS, and TREASURE. I use most of the the products I sell and can help with any questions you may have! CLICK HERE FOR MAP TO MY STORE

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