Featured Site: Gold Basin
Mohave County, Arizona

  • Location: On the east flank of the White Hills.
  • Topographic Map: Gold Basin 7.5 minute series, Garnet Mountain 7.5 minute series.


  • Access: I.93 to Pierce Ferry Road, at Gregs Hideout Road go left   [north] and follow the dirt main road to where it curves left across Hualapai Wash. In about 3 miles you come to a cattle guard, go 3 more miles or so to a second cattle guard and just beyond there will be a road to the left into the placer area. The majority of the large scale work was done in and around White Elephant Wash. There was a hand made sign that says "GOLD BASIN" at the turn, it may be gone now. There are several other roads into the placers as you continue past the first turn on Gregs Hideout Road. Most of this area is accessible with 2 wheel drive although high clearance is helpful.

  • Looking east at sunset from Gold Basin

  • Extent: These placers cover a large area in the detrital fan on the east flank of the White Hills. There is much evidence of large scale placer mining as well as the small scale miners dry wash piles. The gold is scattered throughout the area, hill sides, small washes, and in old tailings. I have personally found many nuggets in this area, the largest being well over one third ounce. As in any area the gold is spotty and I've seen a lot of days here with no gold found. But, more often than not with hard work and patience you get a couple. My hunting partner Lou and I picked up 76 nuggets on one hillside here last spring (2000), these patches are very rare though. I like to work closer to the hills in the more rugged areas mainly because these spots seem to get less hunting pressure and because I have found the majority of my nuggets there.
  • Metal Detecting: The ground is fairly easy to work at Gold Basin although as in any gold producing area there are both "hot" and "cold" rocks to deal with. One thing to remember here is that many meteorites have been found here, so all "hot" rocks should be examined closely. Any that look to be at all different should be saved and checked out further as a meteorite can be worth more than the gold you came to find.

  • Tips: Move slowly and dig ALL TARGETS. Always make sure you have a topo map of the area you wish to hunt. Remember to stay off marked claims. Good hunting.