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Lynx Creek Drainage Area
Yavapai County, Arizona

  • Location: North flank of the Bradshaw Mountains and the south side of Lonesome Valley, Tps., 13 and 14 N., R 1 W.; T. 14 N., R. 1 E.
  • Topographic Maps: Prescott and Mount Union 15 minute quadrangle.
  • Click Here For Topographic Map Of The Lynx Creek Area

  • Access: From Prescott, State Highway 69 to Walker road. This will take you to Lynx Lake and lynx Creek National Recreation area as well as to Walker. Soon after Walker the road turns to dirt and branches off to the many placer and hard rock areas for 13 miles to the Aqua Fria River.
  • Extent: Placers occur along the entire length of Lynx Creek from near the headwaters at Walker, 7 miles southeast of Prescott, downstream to the junstion of Lynx Creek with the Aqua Fria River.

    The placers along the upper reaches of Lynx Creek (in the Walker district) occur in the main creek and along it's tributariesfrom near Walker (sec. 34, T. 13 N., R. 1 W., Mount Union quadrangle) downstream for a distance of about 8 miles to the lower dam area (sec. 22, T. 14 N., R. 1 W., Prescott quadrangle). This part of the creek flows across Precambrian rock, and the gold occurs in thin gravels on narrow benches and bars.

    The placers in lower Lynx Creek occur in the east-trending part of the creek from the area around the lower dam, east to the junction with the Aqua Fria River. Lynx Creek is the most productive gold bearing stream in Arizona, although other districts ( La Paz, Yuma County; Weaver, Yavapai County) have yeilded more gold from alluvial fans, flats, and arroyos. The gold found along the creek varies from coarse nuggets to 4 ounces in the upper reaches of the creek to fine gold along the lower reaches of Lynx Creek, although the tributaries all along the course have produced nuggets for the crafty nugget hunter.

  • Tips: Get off the main roads and into the tributaries, look for evidence of old workings. Move slowly and dig ALL TARGETS. Always make sure you have a topo map of the area you wish to hunt. Remember to stay off marked claims and please remember to FILL ALL HOLES!! Good hunting.

  • Calari Dredging Company operations on lower Lynx Creek in June, 1933.

  • Metal Detecting: The Lynx Creek drainage has produces some very nice finds over the years for the nugget shooter. At the upper end the up-lifted benches have produced some very nice nuggets as well as some of the smaller trubutaries and below is much the same. There is much private property as well as a State Recreation area to be aware of.