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 Yavapai County, Arizona

  • Location: East Flank of the Bradshaw Mountains, T. 11 N., R 1 E.
  • Topographic Maps: Mount Union and Mayer 15-minute quadrangle

    Click Here For Topographic Map Of The Turkey Creek Drainage area

  • Access: About 2 miles South of Mayer, a light duty road leads South from State Highway 69 about 8 miles to the Turkey Creek area: about 11 miles south of Mayer, the road to Cleator leads West about 3 miles from State Highway 69 and a dirt road leads north to Turkey Creek.
  • Extent: Small placer deposits near Turkey Creek Station (once located 1 mile North of Cleator, sec. 35, T. 11 n., R. 1 E., un-surveyed, Mayer Quadrangle) were drywashed for many years; placers are said to occur in the vicinity of Pine Flat: along the upper part of Turkey Creek near the Cunningham mine (approx. sec. 5, T. 11 N., R. 1 W.). Two small placers are located on Turkey Creek, midway between the two placers mentioned above, which are about 1.6 and 2.9 miles up-stream from Turkey Creek Station. Placers were also worked in terrace gravels along Turkey Creek downstream from the Golden turkey mine.
  • Production history: The placers in Turkey Creek were worked intermittently between 1908 and 1941, and small amounts of gold recovered. The placer gold credited to the Peck District by the U.S. Bureau of Mines probably comes from this area.
  • Source: The placers in Turkey Creek Drainage probably were derived from gold veins in close proximity to the various small placers. Precambrian gold veins at Turkey Creek Station are the source of the gold in the shallow placers on the flat below the veins.
  • Tips: Get off the main roads and into the tributaries, look for evidence of old workings. Move slowly and dig ALL TARGETS. This area is loaded with hot rocks and hot ground, a PI detector works best and in some areas a DD coil is a must. A VLF would be best used in the drainages to work bedrock.
  • Always make sure you have a topo map of the area you wish to hunt. There are several clubs such as Roadrunners, GPAA, and others you can join to get access. Remember to stay off marked claims and please remember to FILL ALL HOLES!! Good hunting.