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Your Guide To Finding Meteorites With A Metal Detector

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325 gram Franconia, AZ meteorite in "as found" condition (in situ). It is hard to describe the feeling one gets walking up on a meteorite!

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Campo Del Cielo Iron IAB, Argentina

Brahin Pallasite PAL, Fall in Russia 1810 
Vaca Muerta Mesosiderite MES 1A, Found 1861 Chile  
Huckitta Pallasite B, Found 1924 Australia 
Canyon Diablo Iron IAB, Found 1891 USA Arizona 

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Interesting slice from an unclassified NWA Meteorite.

NWA1933 a LL3 Chondrite S3, W2 Found 2003, Morrocco/Algeria showing beautiful chondrules! 

It fell in Navajo County, Arizona, USA, in july 1912. Total weight is over 255 kilograms.
(From the collection of Jason Phillips) 
Juanching H5, Fall, 15.02, 1997 China 
Sahara NWA 2889 L/LL3-6 found 2004. This is a very nice chondrule rich specimen. 
Neumann Lines in Sikhote-Alin with re-heated rim. (half individual 19.51 grams)  
Some Franconia, Gold Basin and Gold finds from a 4 day trip across Western Arizona. 
This book by O. Richard Norton is a nontechnical introduction to meteorites and meteorite hunting 440 pages of fascinating reading!


My Last Last update Was done on 05-21-2006

I am starting this Meteorite page with the hopes that some of you interested in gold nugget shooting will also branch out as I have into the fascinating world of hunting, collecting, and learning about meteorites as well. I began my love for these 4.5 billion year old space travelers 4 or 5 years ago with my first find at Gold Basin, Arizona, a Gold Basin stone L4 chondrite. I still have that first one in my collection.

I had been hunting the gold basin area for gold nuggets with my metal detector and doing very well always running into these pesky hot rocks especially in the lower flats. I would look at them noting that they were quite heavy for their size and deposit them in the nearest bush or on top of my freshly filled hole never stopping to think that I should get the things identified.

Some Gold Basin "hot rocks"

This went on for a several years before I met a fellow that would become a very good friend named John B. I first met John on the internet forums which led to an outing at Greaterville, Arizona on a very cool spring day in march of 2000. There had already been talk at the forums about a meteorite find at Gold Basin and I was very interested in the fact that you could actually find meteorites with a metal detector. John brought a very interesting show and tell to the outing complete with samples and newspaper articles about his being one of the original finders of this Gold Basin L4 chondrite.

Seeing my interest John gave me a very nice Gold Basin meteorite with a window cut into it to expose the interior. As I admired my new prize it slowly dawned on me that I was holding one of the very hot rocks I had been throwing away for years and then John went on to tell a story of finding many in his collection on or around nugget hunter's digs. Lesson learned? YES!

First off it is very important to always remember to stay off marked claims and private property without prior permission from the owner. It is up to each of us to know where we are at all times to avoid trespassing.

This page is still under construction and will be updated on a continuous basis so stop back often!

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