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Gold is within your grasp once you power up the Garrett Axiom gold detector with Ultra-Pulse technology built in. Detecting around highly mineralized areas filled with black sand and hot rocks gets a little easier with the Axiom at your side. Garrett has timed the Pulse frequencies to increase the flexibility of this pulse machine so you can hunt for both large nuggets and small pickers. Fine, Large, Normal and Salt modes let you hone in on that gold that might be lurking just out of reach with your current gold detector. Finding small gold with a detector that weighs in at less than 5 lbs means you can get more detecting time in before you get tired and the 16-hour battery life to match means you can add a few more nuggets to your gold vial.

Revolutionary Ground Balancing technology brings the Garrett Axiom metal detector to the next level of gold detection. Terra-scan allows you to get an even more accurate ground balance setup. Pumping it up and down, the standard ground balance procedure, gives you a fine-tuned ground balance window. This window allows the Axiom to have a little more flexibility in harsh terrains. Once you have performed a manual ground balance, Ground Track can be enabled to help you stay automatically adjusted to those slight changes in ground mineralization. Upgrade to the Axiom and get in-tune with Ultra-Pulse technology that can find gold as small as 1 to 2 grains before you take your next prospecting trip.

This purchase gets you a reservation for one of the first Garrett Axiom metal detectors. Axiom is expected to ship within 1-2 months.

GARRETT AXIOM Pulse Gold Detector

SKU: 1142720
    • Factory Included Accessories 
      • Wireless MS-3 Headphones
      • 13x11" DD Search Coil
      • 11x7" Mono Search Coil
      • Soft Carry Case
      • AA Battery Booster Pack
      • USB-C Charging Cable
      • Wall Charging Adapters
      • Coil Hardware
    • Warranty Yes
    • Detector Type Gold
    • Interchangeable Search Coil Yes
    • Technology Pulse
    • Arm Rest Adjustable
    • Arm Rest Strap Yes
    • Adjustable Shaft Yes
    • Apps None
    • GPS No
    • Audio Tones Yes
    • Depth Indication No
    • Control Box Mount Standard
    • Programmable Target Id No
    • Target Id No
    • Threshold Adjustable
    • Pinpoint Mode No
    • Ground Balance Manual
    • Vibration Mode No
    • Search Mode Types Fine, Large, Normal Mode, Salt Mode
    • Search Flashlight No
    • Display Type LCD
    • Backlit Display Yes
    • Volume Control Yes
    • Headphone Jack 1/4"
    • Bluetooth Compatible No
    • Interchangeable Headphones Yes
    • Battery Type Lithium-Ion
    • Battery Life (hr) 16 hours, depending on settings
    • Waterproof Non-Waterproof
    • Rechargeable System Yes
    • Exclusive Features Terra-Scan Ground Balancing, Ground Balance Window, 2 Audio Types, Ultra-Pulse Technology